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It’s not often! You see! The words “Birds of a Feather”! And! Real comedy! Used in! The same sentence!

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Happy Easter once again, everyone!

You’d almost think the story of a cartoon pig eating chocolate is more suitable for the Under-Fives than the story of a man getting the shit kicked out of him before being nailed to a tree by his extremeties.

Thanks a lot, Beyoncé!

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Happy Easter once again, everyone!

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Happy Easter, everyone!

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Struggling with life’s big questions in East Lothian.

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That escalated quickly.

Also, “gud”.

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David’s hat was the must-have item that winter. Never mind Tracey Island or “the Rachel”.

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Close shave

Sport: where it’s not the winning that’s important…

…it’s the taking part…

…though it seems shaving is very important too.

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Come in, commute

"I mean, what are you trying to do, just dress like anyone else and go to work or something? Who do you think you are, ladies? WE THE CREEPY PEOPLE OF THE MORNING COMMUTE DEMAND TITILLATION!"

(the first letter was sent in by astockdoveisacompactpigeon - many thanks!)

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"I’m absolutely incandescent with rage," bellowed Mrs Bunty Twelvetrees, 94, when our correspondent leapt out from a makeshift hiding spot brandishing a copy of this letter. "Britain is the best place in the world! We foster different opinions, encourage debate, aim to be tolerant and allow anyone, regardless of their origin or identity, to follow their own path and find their first, best destiny. And if anyone says any different, well I say they can fuck off back to where they came from, the intolerant bastards. Is this what my Reg spent the war selling stockings and chocolate bars for? I’m absolutely incandescent."