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POLITICS: After a tumultuous few days at the Conservative party conference, Prime Minister David Cameron faces fresh controversy over accusations that his government is failing to curb the radicalization of young British horses.

"It’s not our fault." said Florence Bumcheeks of the UK Borders Agency, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. "We do ask these young horses when they’re heading overseas if they plan to take part in any terrorist outrages, but they all definitely respond in the negative."

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And in the years that followed, if you asked, everyone remembered where they were and what they were doing on the day that a polar bear rushed into the Oval Office and punched out Barack Obama.

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It’s the end of the world as we know it

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The sense of “And aren’t I a good person for not saying fat? Don’t I deserve a big slap on the back for being such a generous and magnanimous person for not saying fat?” in this letter is quite breathtaking.

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Jack achieves what we here at Pointless Letters HQ call the “100% Partridge” as he gives his opinion on Cilla Black. Seriously. Read the letter back and tell me the voice in your head as you do so isn’t starting to sound…Partridgey.

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"You could even say ‘gay’ in those days, you know. Before that lot ruined it. You know. Them."

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"I sometimes wonder why my chain of shops failed." said Terry, later. "But I just can’t work it out. All the ingredients for a healthy, profitable business were there. Just one of those things, I suppose."

(thanks to themichaelmoran over on Twitter for this one!)

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"Don’t get me wrong, freedom is obviously more fun with the racism in there, but we need to keep stressing the line that we’re all about freedom and sort of leave the racism out. Hang on, is that microphone on?"


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First the plastic water bottle, and now this? COME ON, DOWNTON!